C-series for Beam Pump


Effective well monitoring and control of beam pump or rod lift operations can significantly improve well performance and economy. Zenith C-Series well monitoring systems, with fit-for-purpose design for non-ESP environments, give detailed and accurate reservoir, pumping system and well data.

The C-Series well monitoring system permanent well pressure gauge economically advances the level of well data traditionally used to operate lifting systems such as beam pump or rod lift while increasing productivity.
The permanent reading of pump intake pressure provides improved control of well draw-down, maximizing production and well performance whilst keeping pressure, hence fluid level, above critical pump off conditions.

Pressure data is of primary importance in understanding the performance of the reservoir, well and pumping system. Typically a pressure survey can cost $20,000 - $30,000 in pulling hoist costs, slickline and memory gauge rental, and well downtime over and above what is necessary to obtain useful data. The C-Series artificial lift monitoring system completely replaces the need to pull rods, run memory gauges and the associated risks involved with the slickline operation. The well pressure gauge removes the predicament of losing unnecessary production through operating blind whilst build-up data is gathered. The gauges also allow draw-down transients to be gathered, an operation not possible with memory gauges without multiple rod pulls.



Available in multiple specifications to suit your lift systems

The Zenith C-Series sensor is installed on a carrier sub in the tubing string above or below the pump. The sensor uses an electric instrument line to communicate signals to surface. The C-Series sensor is available in multiple specifications to suit the application and economic impact of deploying monitoring on your lift systems. The choice of parameters can be customised at point of order allowing you to select a level of monitoring to suit your operational and economic requirements.

Maximise runlife while reducing costs

Automatic alarm and trip feature safeguards your lift system and well preventing unnecessary workovers and minimising expenditure, protecting against:

  • Pump off
  • Pump overheating
  • Excessive well draw-down
  • High or low flow rates
  • Dead heading or shut in
  • Resonant vibration frequencies

Optimise production

  • Dual pressure option enables full validation and analysis of well and pump operating conditions
  • Feedback intake pressure level to your VSD frequency setting to provide automated control of draw-down
  • Fast sampling and accurate sensors enable analysis of draw-down and build-up pressure transients

Independent source of data for analysis

  • Identification of pump wear issues
  • Validation of inflow/outflow data

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Features and specifications

C-Series system features

  • High quality, modular construction—13 chrome metalwork as standard
  • Long service life allowing repeated deployment
  • Field-serviceable system with easily replaceable sub-assemblies, and a surface system which can be upgraded in the field
  • Downhole data collection
    • SD card — simple data transfer to removable memory card
    • Data display with live on-screen data charting, drive mounted or enclosure
    • Data trending software
    • Dedicated engineers’ port to laptop or Zenith hand-held PC
    • Connectivity to remote data collection or SCADA systems
  • Communications and power via a dedicated instrument line
  • Calibrated by Zenith during manufacture — calibration stored in the downhole tool
  • One-second update of all parameters
  • Allows cable megger test

C-Series system options

Zenith C-Series sensors can be configured to monitor:

  • Annulus pressure
  • Tubing pressure
  • Annulus temperature
  • Tubing temperature
  • Vibration (X & Y axes)
  • Current leakage

C-Series system specifications

C-Series sensors are available in two temperature specifications:

  • Standard Temperature: 150°C
  • High Temperature: 175°C

C-Series sensors are available in two pressure specifications:

  • Standard Accuracy: 0.2% of full-scale, 1 psi resolution
  • High Accuracy: 0.1% of full-scale, 0.1 psi resolution

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